Monthly Archives: February 2013

I want to

You know the feeling when you start to involve yourself into something addictive (e.g. youtube, dance, comedy)? Then you start to discover people who are really good in that kind of craft (ironic pun) and then you decide you want to be them when you grow up – I’m 18 and i still want to be them when I grow up. Sometimes it’s annoying because you get exposed to too many things that are not even related to each other but they all seem so interesting – which¬†makes you confused leading you back to square one, deciding what you really want for yourself.

Well that’s enough jibber-jabber. Let’s proceed to my main point. This is Sarah Kay, a poet. So far she’s the only one I have seen in her field of preference. I have seen some, but this woman really struck me, particularly in this piece. Damn it, adding “spoken word poetry” to my long list of what to be when I grow up – which is happening pretty soon.


Lazy Bug

Alright lovlies? Nah, who am I kidding, no one reads this but me. I just want to shoot my self with an arrow using an artificial arrow-in-the-head headband that you get from holloween/ novelty stores because I am so inconsistent. What happened to the weekly updates and shit. Nothing’s really happened that much so maybe that’s why I dont write about it, because it’s uninteresting… or I’m just lazy. I have been listing down blog ideas and it’s become so long (that’s what she said) and overwhelming I dont even know where to start anymore. Too many promises, too many hopes, too many dreams… and they all stay that way. Come on Monica, move!