Week 2 of 52

and just like that, 50 more weeks to go until 2014. gross. i actually wrote some part of this 2 days ago but hey, it’s still part of the week so everything is still relevant

9 Jan 12 Wed – more youtube videos
10 Jan 12 Thurs – back to fucking school. i didnt attend classes because i was a fucking bad arse. just kidding, i fucking adjusted.
11 Jan 12 Fri – i havent really explained why i was so happy. i decided to explain because you might be thinking im on something that’s making me happy for no reason or because i see things that shouldn’t be seen like rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. if you still dont get me, yes, im talking about you accusing me for doing drugs. i dont. i didnt explain then because it would turn out to be an i-should-appreciate-the-little-things-im-so-enlightened kind of post which kind of spirals down to an emo blog post hence transiting happiness into sadness.i dont want to ruin the moment. honestly i haven’t done anything the whole day rather than watching videos on youtube and eating lots and lots of savory food – the pesto bread from pan de manila, snr pizza and chicken empanada from starbucks. ughhhhhhhh i love cheese!!! see how easy i am to please – i recently discovered Grace Helbig and she is the dog’s bollocks! i will get deeper into her (i am aware of how dirty that translates) maybe some other time because my girl G deserves one whole post in my blog. i love her. such an inspiration. i will put my feelings for her it into writing. i will, i promise.

– mentally challenging myself to write happier notes.

12-13 Jan 12 Sat – Sun – the usual weekends. not too boring, not too fun. watched more youtube videos. weather’s been chill (literally) recently, which is a good thing.

14 Jan 12 Mon – just the usual first day. nothing much. slow and steady Monica, slow and steady. i also wrote something about dreams and all the bittersweet feelings that come with it. watch out for the post soon – wow i talk like i have readers that have to be updated and teased for upcoming blog posts haha

just a side note: i want to talk about having gojocco as my infilo prof. i know i may regret saying this at some point this term but for now, i am a bit excited because from what ive heard, he is a really interesting prof. havent met anyone regretting to get him as a teacher – well, some partially did because they failed but they did admit learning a thing or two from him. one of my blockmates who had him last term actually encouraged us to pursue (meaning not dropping the subject) getting the course (subject) he will also sit in for the rest of the term because he’s stupid. nah, because that was how enlightened he is with the prof that if he had another chance to cross paths with him again, which he did, he will grab that chance in the balls and say “you’re mine”. there is a reason (which i will never know the answer to) why the profs shuffled and i magically got him. i dreaded (and still am) getting him so much. i will attend my first class with him on tomorrow. i hope i do good. i really hope i dont regret saying this. please.

here’s a song so this post has visuals (kind of) and soul hahaha


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