I’m on my way up

So it’s a new year, a new reason to be productive. I hope this year would be an active year for my blog. Clearly, no one reads monicatot so I will use it as a journal/diary to keep memories, ideas, ramblings and everything in between. I will try my very best to keep this updated by writing weekly – well, I won’t limit my writing to that schedule of course, I will write whenever I feel like it but I am expected to come up with an update which I will call “Week _ of 52” which basically consists of updates of happenings during my week for the lot of 2013.

My last year sucked and I do hope I find something interesting to do this year because I really felt such a crap last year. I didn’t enjoy anything. I was a complete bum. I don’t want to look back on 2013 say it was crap too because 1.) Nothing is more unfortunate than to have two crap years in a row 2.) I could have done something about it 3.) I (think) learned my lesson that it is my fault if I have a crappy year. Hopefully, by the time I write my opening post for the year next year, I would feel a tad bit more confident than this one.

I don’t want to expect anything this year. I would rather go with the flow so whatever comes my way (I hope it’s a good one), I will accept it. I’m challenging myself to be the best version of what I could be.

I will be cheesy and end my post with:

“Its never to late to be what you might have been” – George Elliot


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