penny for my thoughts

  • yep, i am back
  • i have been feeling constrained lately— not sure for how long, but it feels like it has been going on for a really long time
  • i need some a lot of r&r
  • i am not having fun with what i am doing anymore—is it a sign? is this the right path? is it just a phase? will it just be a preview of what lies ahead?
  • i hope i make the right mistakes
  • i want to get myself into something that is worth getting tired of—dancing (?)
  • i’m sick of having a hard time proving—hell, even knowing what—my stands are
  • i  love em dashes (—). i don’t even know how to use them properly anymore—sometimes i use them instead of using periods.
  • there is this always this gaping hole inside of me ready to re-position itself whenever i think i have concealed it
  • i tend to get sentimental when i write
  • it’s hard to pretend to be happy
  • i want to be happy (the genuine kind)

on a lighter note, i just celebrated my 18th birthday yesterday. it was one hell of a party. definitely a part of my top ten favorite nights.


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